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    Private Fees

    Ishaq & Uddin Associates LLP Agreed Fee for summary only motoring offences.

    We are predominantly Legal Aid firm and we will advise you of this and we will also help you to apply. However, you are unlikely to be granted legal aid for motoring matters which are classed as Summary Only offences which mean that they can only be tried in the Magistrates’ Court.

    Summary Only Offence – Guilty Plea – Agreed Fee of £600 (inclusive of VAT)

    This fee is for a single hearing at the Magistrates Court.

    The fee includes the following:

    • Considering the evidence
    • Taking your instructions (your version of events)
    • Advice on any potential defence
    • Advice on likely sentence
    • Giving advice on the appropriate law
    • Advice on the likelihood of being acquitted
    • Confirming all advice in writing
    • To liaise on your behalf with the Court
    • Liaising on your behalf with the CPS
    • Liaising on your behalf with the Police
    • Contacting and assessing potential defence witnesses
    • Advice on Court procedure
    • Travelling to Court and disbursements for that hearing.
    • Attending you in a meeting immediately before the Court Hearing
    • Representing you during your Court Hearing
    • Advancing oral mitigation to the Court
    • Attending you in a conference following your Court Hearing
    • Confirming the outcome of the Court Hearing in writing
    • Advice on sentence
    • Advice on appeal against sentence

    Please be advised that the Agreed Fee covers any work we have undertaken on your behalf. However, any other work that falls outside our control is likely to be considered as a disbursement.

    For example if your case If your case requires an expert we will notify you as soon as possible so that you can make an informed decision on whether you would like us to instruct an expert on your behalf to produce a report, attend Court and give evidence. Expert fees are not included within the agreed fee and are considered as a disbursement. The cost for an expert depends on the type of expert required, the nature of the report and the experience of the expert.

    If you enter a not guilty plea and your case is adjourned for a Trial then the Agreed Fee would be £1200.00 (inclusive of VAT).

    This would cover all the above and the following:

    • Preparation for Trial
    • Representation at the Trial hearing by one of our experienced advocates.
    • This would also include sentence if found guilty.