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    Notable Cases


    Operation Azzuri – Murder of a Child

    Secured an acquittal for a mother charged with the Murder of her 3 years old child.  The case involved substantial and complex evidence presented by expert pathologists and medical professionals and attracted national media coverage.  Following a four-month trial, our client was found Not Guilty of Murder by the Jury at the Crown Court.

    Operation Renard – Honey Trap Murder

    This case involved 3 defendants charged with Murder on the joint enterprise principle.  The prosecution alleged that this was a pre-planned attack, which involved enticing the victim to a Public Park where he was stabbed to death.  Our client was the only defendant to be found Not Guilty of the Murder.

    Operation Arundel – Joint Enterprise Murder

    Defended two youths charged with Murder arising out of what was said to be a joint enterprise killing.  We were able to secure acquittals after demonstrating that our two clients had neither participated nor encouraged the stabbing in any way – they were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Having persuaded the Judge that there was no case to answer against one of our clients, the Prosecution failed at their attempt to overturn the Judge’s ruling at the Court of Appeal when faced with our legal arguments.  Having had the case thrown out against one client, we then proceeded to complete the trial in relation to the other, who was found Not Guilty by the Jury.

    Operation Woodleigh – Gangland Murder

    This was a gangland revenge Murder that took place due to a drugs dispute.  The principle of Joint Enterprise was relied upon by the Prosecution in accordance with the case of R v Jogee.  This was a case where the Prosecution case was heavily reliant on telecommunication and cell-site evidence.

    R v ES and Others – Murder 

    Client was arrested for Murder, where it was alleged that the defendants who were charged jointly, had followed the victim and stabbed him to death.  This knife attack took place following a disagreement that they had at the Bookmakers.  A difficult and tactical decision was made where the defendant did not give evidence in this case and the argument was that the Prosecution could not prove that the defendant was jointly responsible.  This had proven to be the correct decision when the Jury could not be convinced that the defendant was guilty of the offence.  A Not Guilty plea was recorded against our client for the offence of Murder.

    Operation Parkmill – Manslaughter  

    The Crown’s case was that the defendants had conspired together to commit an aggravated burglary and rob the victim.  The consequences of the defendant’s actions, which were to threaten the victim with a knife after breaking into the property, resulted in the deceased jumping out of a three-storey building window causing him fatal injuries.  The deceased died due to the injuries and all defendants were also charged with Manslaughter.  We successfully persuaded the Jury that the actions did not amount to a Manslaughter and accordingly our client was found Not Guilty of this offence.

    R v RD – Attempt Murder

    Our client was charged with Attempt Murder and was potentially facing a life sentence if convicted of this offence.  The backdrop to this offence was a County Line drugs operation.  A dispute between our client and the injured party resulted in a stabbing where the victim suffered life-changing injuries.  Following two trials, Not Guilty verdicts were recorded against our client for the Attempt Murder and the alternative charge of s18 Grievous Bodily Harm.

    R v AT – Attempt Murder

    A spontaneous clash between the defendant and another lead to the defendant stabbing the injured party in the chest area for which he was charged with Attempt Murder.  We argued from the outset that there was no intention to kill.  The Prosecution after much reluctance accepted our defence and reduced the charge to a lesser offence of s18 assault.

    SA – Violent Disorder linked to a Murder

    Having had insufficient evidence to charge the defendant with Murder, the prosecution pursued him with the offence of violent disorder.  He was sentenced to 2 and a half years imprisonment after others were convicted of Murder.

    TA & AR – Violent Disorder linked to Murder  

    Client was arrested for a violent disorder on the back of a murder case, which took place at a popular local shisha lounge.  Both our clients received suspended sentences after a trial.

    GB – Attempt Murder Investigation

    Represented a suspect in a vehicle that had run over an individual after some words being exchanged.  The client was properly advised at the police station interview to advance his defence at the early opportunity, which resulted in no further action being taken against him.

    RA – Murder Investigation

    Client arrested and interviewed for a shooting that took place.  A carefully drafted pre-prepared statement setting out his defence resulted in no further action being taken by the client.

    Drugs and County Lines

    Operation Venetic – Drugs and Encrochat – R v SA and others

    Following the interception of the Encrochat network, our client was identified in having sold over 197 kilograms of class A drugs, namely cocaine, over a 3-month period. He was also charged with an additional conspiracy to supply class A drugs, in which he was said to have been in a leading role having close connections to the importation of drugs. We managed to strike a deal with the prosecution, which resulted in the second conspiracies being discontinued. With the strength of the prosecution evidence against him he would likely have been sentenced for the offences to around 30 years imprisonment. Due to the deal that was agreed with the Crown, he received a sentence of 17 years imprisonment, which he will be serving half in custody.

    R v AR and another – Conspiracy to Supply Class A and B drugs

    Successfully defended a client charged with another for the supply of drugs. Both defendants ran a cut-throat defence accusing each other of being responsible for the drugs. The Prosecution case was that both were drug dealing. At the end of a well fought trial our client was found Not Guilty the conspiracy.

    R v MK and others

    Represented the lead defendant on a conspiracy to supply both drugs and firearms. The case was investigated by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU). The operation was extensive and involved covert surveillance methods deployed by ROCU.

    R v NVL – Cultivation of Cannabis valued at £5 million

    Client arrested from one of the largest cannabis factories to be discovered in Birmingham. The factory was located on top of popular store within the Digbeth area. It was estimated that there were £5million pounds worth of cannabis plants. Eight days into the trial at the Crown Court, following disclosure applications made by our legal team, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were left with no choice but to withdraw the case against our client. Accordingly, a formal Not Guilty verdict was recorded against our client who was immediately released from custody.

    Operation Venetic – Drugs and Encrochat – R v AS and others

    The defendant who was stopped on a motorway transporting a large quantity of class A drugs was linked to an Encrochat drugs supply conspiracy. After detailed submissions and negotiations with the Crown, we secured for him a lesser role of a courier, which resulted in a significantly reduced sentence.

    Operation Incant – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

    Multi-defendant matter involving the supply of class A drugs. When all defendants were remanded in custody awaiting trial, during the covid period, we relentlessly argued for bail to be granted and convinced the Judge who released our client on conditional bail. We managed to secure a qualifying curfew, which was taken into account when calculating the sentence period.

    R v AK and others – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

    Client was accused of being in a leading role of a drugs conspiracy which supplied heroine and cocaine using an infamous drug line. This client who was looking at a potential starting point of 14 years in prison, received a significantly lesser sentence of 8 years due to the basis of plea, guilty plea entered and mitigation advanced to the Courts by our legal team.

    R v AC and others – Supply of Class A drugs

    An investigation was conducted by the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) led to our client being arrested for the supply of drugs in the Leicester area. There was strong direct evidence demonstrating that the accused was selling drugs in large amounts to undercover police officers. Mobile Phone evidence and ANPR suggested that our client had played a leading role in this conspiracy. We provided robust advice to our client to ensure he receives the lowest possible sentence. The prosecution’s position that the defendant should have a starting point of 8 years failed against our brilliantly advanced submissions, which secured him a significantly lower sentence of 49 months.

    R v PM and others – County Line Drugs Supply

    Our client was arrested for County lines drug dealing offences and was deemed to be the leader of a notorious drug line. Having raised the defence of modern slavery, we utilised important information gathered from the National Referral Mechanism and Home Office, which resulted in the Prosecution accepting a much lesser role in a wider drugs conspiracy.

    R v TM – County Lines

    The Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) made an application to the courts for warrants, which allowed access to mobile phone data. It was alleged that our client was involved in a county lines drugs operation. The Prosecution made submissions for our client to be sentenced to 8 and a half years. In response the mitigation we advanced persuaded the Judge to sentence him to less than 4 and a half years.

    R v AS – Drug Dealing at University

    A defendant who was arrested and charged with drug dealing in class A drugs whilst at University was faced with overwhelming evidence against him. He was provided with robust advice in his best interests, which he accepted and walked away with a suspended sentence, when the usual starting point for such an offence was 4 and half years in custody.


    R v AS and others – Romance Fraud

    Represented on a multi-million-pound international fraud matter, where money transferred from victims via “Romance Fraud” and then laundered through various businesses. The investigation was carried out by international law enforcement agencies as the victims were spread across the world.

    R v KK – Diversion Fraud

    Represented on a £1.3 million mandate fraud case, where the proceeds of crime were converted into criminal property. Bank accounts were opened fraudulently with identity documents of international citizens, mainly from Europe.

    Operation Raptor – Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

    Represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to commit a sophisticated and high value fraud. The victims in this case would be telephoned by the offenders who pretended to be police officers. They would convince the victims to withdraw large sums of cash from their banks and hand it over. Where other defendants received lengthy custodial sentences up to 10 years, we agreed a basis of plea in which our client’s role was limited to one event and he received a substantially reduced sentence of 30 months custody.

    Operation Shinbone – Customs and Excise Fraud

    This was an investigation into the illegal importation of cigarettes from foreign countries resulting in tax evasion. HMRC lead investigation concluded that there had been a conspiracy to import upwards of 2 million cigarettes. After a trial at the Crown Court our client was the only defendant who was not sent to prison as we managed to secure a suspended sentence.

    R v TB – Money Laundering

    Represented a defendant was acting as a loan shark and involved in the unregulated lending of money and charging of interest. A cleverly drafted basis of plea by our legal team saved the defendant from an immediate custodial sentence.

    Violent and Serious Crime

    R v TA – Possession of firearm to cause fear or violence

    In this case our client and his co-defendant were both arrested for a broad daylight shooting in Wolverhampton. It was alleged that the two defendants shot at a male repeatedly whilst he was having a hair cut at the barbers. The defendants both went to court and were both found guilty. Our client received a total of 7 years, of which he would be required to serve half in custody, whereas his co-defendant was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

    R v AHK – Kidnapping

    The defendant having transferred to us from a different solicitor’s firm, was facing a very serious allegation of kidnapping, which involved waterboarding, anal penetration and an element of modern slavery as aggravating features. After some persuasion by our solicitor advocate, the prosecution withdrew the kidnapping offence and accepted a guilty plea to an assault.

    R v KT – Kidnapping

    When the prosecution was about to open their case on the day of trial on this kidnapping matter, our solicitor having become aware that one of the prosecution key witnesses had failed to turn up, highlighted an argument around the exclusion of hearsay evidence. With this argument the prosecution was unable to proceed with their case and accordingly offered no evidence. Consequently, a formal not guilty plea was entered on this case.tent Goes Here

    Perverting the Course of Justice

    Operation Adley – Perverting the Course of Justice

    The defendant was arrested for perverting the course of justice after being selected for jury service on a drugs conspiracy matter. It was alleged that he had agreed to accept a sum of money to persuade the Jury to find the defendant on the drugs matter Not Guilty. Due to this offence striking at the heart of the criminal justice system it was heard at the Old Bailey in London. The Prosecution were adamant that it should attract a sentence of imprisonment in excess of 10 years. Our persuasive mitigation convinced the Judge to a impose a significantly shorter sentence of 47 months. The Attorney General appealed the sentence on the basis that it was unduly lenient, which lead to the sentence being reviewed at the Court of Appeal. We continued to represent our client at the Court of Appeal against the prosecution and were successful in arguing against any increase to the sentence imposed by the Crown Court Judge.

    R v LF – Perverting the Course of Justice

    We rightfully advised our client to plead guilty at the earliest opportunity when the prosecution case against her was overwhelmingly strong. This case involved a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by influencing Jury members sitting on a trial. The prosecution and Attorney General were dissatisfied with the length of sentence imposed on our defendant as they argued in the Court of Appeal that it was unduly lenient. Their arguments failed when faced with our legal arguments and mitigation that we had advanced on behalf of our client.

    R v HM – Perverting the Course of Justice

    A defendant who had perverted the course of justice, by providing false information on more than one occasion to protect a drug dealer, was facing a high probability of a lengthy prison sentence. We managed to secure a suspended sentence, which saved him from being sent to prison for a serious offence linked to a drugs conspiracy.

    Operation Union – Perverting the Course of Justice

    Represented on a high value conspiracy to commit fraud case, where DVLA private number plates were fraudulently obtained. Our client received a relatively short custodial sentence of 6 month in comparison to other defendants who each received up to 10 years of imprisonment.

    Operation Apex – Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

    The defendants in this case were arrested for perverting the the course of justice after being involved in a road traffic collision, in which a pedestrian sustained serious life-changing injuries. Following a six-week trial the defendant received a short custodial sentence.

    R v AA – Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice

    The defendant was indicted with perverting the course of justice linked to a Murder. It was alleged by the Prosecution that the defendant had assisted in the destruction and disposal of evidence relating to the Murder. Considering the serious nature of the offence, the defendant received a relatively short custodial sentence.Perverting the Course of Justice

    Serious Sexual Offences

    R v AR – Operation Stonewood 

    Operation Stovewood led by the National Crime Agency (NCA) investigated historic sexual grooming gangs in the Yorkshire area.  Allegations made by a complainant resulted in our client being arrested.  A detailed pre-prepared statement submitted at the police station interview set the foundations of the defence.  Subsequently, the NCA’s determination to convict our client rather than withdrawing their position resulted in 4 separate trials taking place (for various legal reasons).  The lengthy proceedings finally came to an end with Not Guilty verdicts on all counts, which was in line with our client’s denial of the offences from the outset of the investigation.

    R v BW – Rape

    Our client was arrested on suspicion of rape following an allegation by the complainant.  He categorically denied the allegations and maintained that they were false.  After a trial, with the eloquent submissions by our Counsel, we were able to prove his innocence and secure a Not Guilty verdict.

    Conspiracy to Steal

    R v GT – Conspiracy to transfer stolen items, namely, the Queen’s Jewels

    Our client was linked to the conspiracy of stealing the Queen’s Jewels. It was estimated that our client transferred £3.5 million worth of jewellery as part of this conspiracy. After a 4-month trial our client was rightfully acquitted.